Welcome to the Carolyn Gable

"Expect a Miracle" Foundation


The purpose of this Foundation is to provide financial assistance to single working parents who wish to enroll their children in extracurricular and enrichment programs. Here at the foundation, we believe that the children of today are the promise for a better future for all of us!

COVID-19 Update
We at Expect a Miracle hope you and your family are staying well during this time. We are processing applications for assistance, and as of July 2020, are sending approved grants out. Please be patient, as we may take a bit longer due to the additional research required to determine program eligibility. We will be in contact with you regarding the status of your application. Thank you for staying connected to us. 

About "Expect a Miracle"

We help Single Working Parents

 Motivated by the struggles she endured as a single parent raising seven children, Carolyn Gable started this foundation to give struggling parents the opportunity to see their kids play organized sports, receive special tutoring, perform in their first music recital, and more. These programs bring tremendous joy and self-esteem to both children and their parents and can positively impact the community when more families are involved in learning and growing. 


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