"Expect a Miracle" Application Guidelines

Please read all Guidelines for a Successful Application sections prior to filling out.

All applications must be submitted on a desktop/laptop device. Mobile applications are not supported.

Even if you have sent copies of Birth Certificates in past applications, we are requiring an electronic copy be sent on all new applications.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions at 




Who Is Eligible to Apply?

We provide assistance to single working parents who:

  • Have a child/children between the ages of 5 and 15;

  • Work at least 20 hours a week;

  • And meet the salary requirements:
    To better service our growing foundation, we have instituted the following salary requirements:
    $40,000 and under – 1 child (15 years old and younger)
    $45,000 and under – 2 children (15 years old and younger)
    $50,000 and under – 3 children (15 years old and younger)
    $55,000 and under – 4 children (15 years old and younger)

For example, if you make $40,000 or under and have one child, your application will be considered. If you make over $40,000 and have one child, you do not meet our salary requirement, and your application will be denied due to ineligibility. 


What Programs Are Eligible?

"Expect A Miracle" will consider awarding grants for payment of extra-curricular programs for your children, up to a maximum of two hundred dollars ($200) per child per year. These programs include, but are not limited to Tutoring, Organized Sports, Dance/Music/Art Lessons.

Please note that a maximum of three (3) grants are awarded per organization/program per year. Due to funding, we will only assist up to three (3) children per program.

Please be aware that we are unable to provide assistance for day care or before/after school care. We are not accepting applications for school break day camp or residential summer camp due to funding.


How do I apply?

Once you have read through all of the Application Guidelines:

  • Make sure you are on a desktop computer, as the application will not work on a mobile device.

  • Click the link to the Application itself at the bottom of this page.

  • Fill out ALL FIELDS.

  • Attached all required documents.

  • We will not accept faxed documentation.

  • Scans of documents are preferred, but photos are accepted if information is legible. 


Required Documentation

After filling out the application fields, attach the following documents:

  • Pay Stub that shows the number of hours worked in a week- Pay stub must be from within the last month, and if it does not say the number of hours worked, a letter from your employer is needed that says how many hours you work per week. The letter must be signed and on company letterhead. Copies of online pay stubs are also acceptable. If you have been unemployed for less than 30 days, you are still eligible. Please provide a copy of your last pay stub to prove eligibility.

  • COPY of Child’s Original Birth Certificate- We are no longer requiring ORIGINALS to be sent- just a scan or readable photo. This is intended to show that you are the child’s parent and that the child is between the ages of five and fifteen. If you have applied for a grant for a child previously, we still require that you send an e-copy for our files. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Single Parent Letter- This letter needs to be written by you, must state you are a single, working parent and it must be signed.

  • Information on the Program- You must send proof of the following program information: telephone number, web site, or email address, and the cost of the program you are applying for. This should include a URL to the applicable website pages.

  • If your application is missing any of this information, your application will be denied.


After You Apply

If your application is complete and you've sent all required documentation, it will be reviewed within 60 days. You will receive an email to the address provided stating if your application has been approved or denied. Incomplete applications will be denied. We currently verify the price of the program with the program you list, so the more info you provide, the quicker we can process!

The Expect A Miracle Foundation is funded solely through private donations. We do not receive any funding from the government.

PLEASE NOTE: Expect A Miracle Foundation reserves the right to change/modify any parameters of this application without advance notice. This includes, but is not limited to: Maximum grant dollar amount per child per year, number of grants per organization/program per year, and parent salary requirements. The Foundation also reserves the right to deny any application for any reason, without explanation.

Okay, on to the application!